A new milestone of moxibustion -- Chaoya moxibustion

Published on:2020-04-20 Views:426

Moxibustion is one of the important treatment methods in ancient China. It is a kind of internal and external treatment method that burns acupoints with drugs, transforms human body functions into biological internal energy, activates human meridians, regulates physiological balance of the body, and achieves the purpose of treatment.

According to the history of art and culture of Han Dynasty, the ancient treatment methods are moxibustion and ironing, acupuncture, Decoction and medicine. Moxibustion can widely treat internal, external, women, children, facial features and other diseases. It can treat all kinds of acute diseases, chronic diseases, common diseases, and difficult diseases. Clinically, there are often cases of "one stroke on the skin, pain stops; one stroke of moxibustion, sinking is removed".

Super sub moxibustion stick is a kind of product which can replace traditional moxibustion. It is characterized by a long fever time (about 12 hours), extremely simple operation, and to a certain extent, it can alleviate the treatment symptoms.





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