Rheumatoid pain is intolerable. It works

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The etiology of rheumatoid arthritis is not very clear up to now. At present, most people think it is an autoimmune disease of human body, and it can also be regarded as a chronic syndrome, which is manifested as non-specific inflammation of peripheral joints. At this time, the diseased joint and its surrounding tissues present progressive damage, which leads to dysfunction of the damaged joint. The incidence rate of incidence of rheumatoid arthritis is higher in women than men, 2~3 times in women than in men, and incidence rate in European and American countries is significantly higher than that in Chinese.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by multiple joint involvement, persistent swelling and pain of small joints, resulting in deformity and loss of function of joints. It is the most serious joint disease in China, with an incidence of 0.34% and no less than 4 million patients nationwide.


Self judgment


What situation needs to be vigilant rheumatoid arthritis?

❖ in the morning, the joint is stiff for 1 hour and lasts for more than 6 weeks

❖ symmetrical swelling of small joints of hands

❖ joint swelling and pain lasting for more than 6 weeks

If appear above a few kinds of characterization, need to be in hospital rheumatoid arthritis must do two checks: X-ray film, rheumatoid five to determine whether oneself diagnose rheumatoid arthritis.

Diet regimen


"When asked about the method of viscera and Qi": poison attack evil, five grains for nourishment, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five vegetables for filling. Rheumatoid patients should not be partial to food, to achieve food and medicine.

Generally speaking, for those who are thin and have more fire, they should eat cool products such as lotus seed heart and lily; for those who are fat and have more phlegm, they should eat coix seed, yam and lentil; for those who are windy and have more phlegm, they should eat tempeh and shepherd's purse; for those who are cold and have more evil, they should eat fennel, Cinnamon Twig and pepper; for those who are wet and have more evil, they should eat coix seed, adzuki bean and fried white lentil; for those who are hot and have more evil, they should eat Malan head and macaroni grass Stewed duck, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Diet should be three less, more than 3. Three little namely: eat less seafood, such as sea cucumber, sea fish, seaweed, etc.; eat less fried food; eat less sweet food and high starch content food. More than three: more vitamins, especially vitamin C; more fiber; more calcium rich foods.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients due to joint pain, resulting in reduced activity. If you don't limit the intake of calories or choose too many foods with high calories, you will gain weight, which will increase the joint burden, especially the lower limb joint. Therefore, we should choose fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, lean meat and other foods with moderate calories.


Combination of exercise and health


Rheumatoid arthritis first damages the knuckles. How to maintain the health of finger joints, super sub medicine for you to introduce a finger joint health exercise.

❖ massage all joints of fingers for 3-4 minutes

❖ clench the fist for 7-8s, then let it go, 10-20 times for each group

❖ flexion and extension of proximal and distal finger joints

❖ flexion and extension of metacarpophalangeal joint (the joint of palm and finger) (assisted by another hand)

❖ the wrist joint rotates inward and outward, which can be assisted by holding the arm with another hand

❖ the arms hang down naturally, and the clenched fist rotates inward and outward

❖ rub hands hard until hot


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