Cervical spondylosis, what should I do with you?

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According to the data of white-collar health white paper 2016 in Beijing, the first common disease of white-collar workers in Beijing is cervical spondylosis, with a prevalence rate of 29% and even 34% in women.


Professor Yan Yi, the neurosurgery spine Subspecialty Group of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, has repeatedly stressed on many occasions that cervical spondylosis is a common and frequently occurring disease, which must be paid attention to, but as a result, the number of patients with cervical spondylosis remains high and the trend of youth is becoming more and more serious.



"The incidence rate of cervical spondylosis is high and the number of patients is high. Many young people are not directly aware of the unhealthy lifestyle and the prevention of cervical spondylosis." "Of course, the popularity of electronic products is also one of the important factors that make cervical spondylosis more and more common," said Yan

No matter what kind of occasion, most people, especially young people, seem to be used to looking for fun or even consolation through mobile phones, ignoring the damage to eyes and cervical vertebrae caused by long-term use of smart electronic products such as mobile phones.

"With the popularity of mobile phones and tablets, microblogs, wechat and mobile games have become the necessities of many people's lives. The impact on people is not only reflected in their lifestyles, but more importantly, many people's health has been damaged. The common one is cervical spondylosis," said Professor Yan Yi.



Therefore, one of the ways to prevent cervical spondylosis and avoid its aggravation is to put down the intelligent electronic products in your hands and look up at the scenery and people around you.

In the white paper, there is also a group of data: in Beijing white-collar groups, the prevalence of cervical spondylosis in women is as high as 34%, compared with 24% in men, 10 percentage points lower.

Professor Yan Yi said: "the incidence rate of cervical spondylosis in women is higher than that in men. Because there are many common factors that induce cervical spondylosis, many factors that induce cervical spondylosis are unique to women, such as wearing too tight underwear."

If women wear underwear too tight or pull the underwear shoulder belt tight, they will make the muscles of the cervical spine in a state of tension for a long time, and the long-term fatigue of the shoulder and neck will lead to poor blood flow of the neck and shoulder, accelerate muscle aging, weaken muscle toughness, lose the ability to pull and protect the cervical spine, and easily induce and aggravate cervical spondylosis.

In addition, long time wearing high-heeled shoes will make the cervical vertebra focus on the stress points, habitual throwing of bangs will easily lead to neck strain, the halter shirt will cause the neck to bend forward, the neck to get cold and so on, which may induce and aggravate cervical spondylosis, which men will not appear!



So, when got cervical vertebra disease or appear cervical vertebra disease similar symptom how should do?

Professor Yan Yi introduced that when there are symptoms of cervical spondylosis or cervical spondylosis, the choice can neither ignore the symptoms nor massage physical therapy or take painkillers. It should be diagnosed in neurosurgery in time.



"No matter what kind of disease it is, it must be clearly diagnosed before it can be treated according to the doctor's treatment plan. Many patients with cervical spondylosis will massage at will after they have symptoms, which will aggravate the symptoms; taking painkillers will lead to the development of the disease, which not only makes them suffer more pain, but also increases the difficulty of treatment," said Professor Yan Yi. Therefore, they have cervical spondylosis or suspect that they have cervical spondylosis Disease must first to neurosurgery clear diagnosis!

In fact, for cervical spondylosis, traditional moxibustion technology can be used for auxiliary treatment. Super sub moxibustion cervical health care paste can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, eliminate swelling to reduce symptoms. In acute stage, patients with severe pain symptoms should not be treated with warm compress.

Of course, in this process, patients with cervical spondylosis must pay attention to maintaining good living habits, to avoid sedentary, long-term bow and other bad habits that may aggravate the patient's condition.



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