Super Asia medicine - the 54th reed national pharmaceutical Exhibition Shenyang fair returns successfully

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From July 31 to August 2, 2019, Chaoya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. attended the 54th Shenyang new specialty drug trade fair of reed Sinopharm in EI exhibition hall of Shenyang International Exhibition Center, which ended perfectly on August 2. With a humble learning attitude and persistent product obsession, we are lucky to show our health and fashion concept to all of you through this exhibition. At the same time, we have left a deep impression on our customers and won unanimous praise.

Let's review the charm of super sub brands!

Everyone on the line

Chaoya people, who are attentive, attentive and all-out, set out from Zhengzhou at 5 a.m. on July 30 and took a bus to Shenyang


Early in the morning on July 31, I came to Shenyang Sujiatun International Exhibition Center to set up exhibitions2.jpg



As the leader of self heating functional products, e1g12 is located in the largest exhibition stand of 72 square meters 



Product debut

You can't control the outdoor temperature, but it can give you warm care for every inch of your skin;

You can't control the passage of time, but it can help you delay the traces of time and make you young and beautiful;

With the touch of skin, let your city live in the thorns, still full of tenderness.


the splendor of the occasion surpassed anything heretofore seen

Chao Ya has two types of medical equipment approval mask, partner and steam mask, regular approval, constant temperature patents, new product design, exclusive products, R & D production strength, active enthusiasm, civilized courtesy exhibitors, etc., attracted countless attention in this exhibition, which led to industry leaders, OEM agents, representatives of enterprises, customers and medical bosses' attention. Many customers showed a strong interest in the site and came to the booth to consult and discuss cooperation related issues. Every time I stop, I can't help myself.


Fire scene

Media "secret"

Group photo of exhibition team

An endless stream of customer consultation

In addition to receiving and negotiating customers, for customers who need more series of samples, notify the company's personnel in charge of sample distribution on site, send out the samples required by customers on the same day, and send a copy to the business personnel for tracking service in the later stage, which truly reflects our high-quality and efficient service.



Harvest is full, step by step, progress is not stopped, wonderful continues

Although the exhibition has come to an end successfully, the upsurge of super Asia has not gone away. The success of this exhibition can not be separated from everyone's support and efforts. The end of the exhibition is the beginning of our meeting with customers. We have gained a lot from this exhibition, and we will continue to make progress in the future! Do not forget the original intention, only to bring you higher quality product experience and service, wonderful continue!

With the beautiful scenery along the way, the group built a happy return journey





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