Warmly celebrate the success of "Chongqing pharmaceutical fair 2019" of super Asia medicine

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On December 4, Chaoya pharmaceutical participated in the "82nd national drug fair" and "2019 Chinese medicine Expo (Autumn)" hosted by reed Sinopharm. Chaoya pharmaceutical booth is located on the main road of the central exhibition hall of Chongqing International Expo Center, with more than 200 square meters of booth, presenting the last Carnival of the pharmaceutical and health industry in 2019 for the participating customers.

Zhang Yachao, chairman of Chaoya pharmaceutical, attended the opening ceremony of reed Sinopharm 2019 Chongqing Exhibition:119120G95F4556.jpg
More than 60 people from Chaoya pharmaceutical entered the exhibition hall:119120G95HU40.jpg
The booth of super Asia medicine is full of people and customers are crowded in the exhibition hall. The staff of super Asia medicine patiently explain the product knowledge on site:119120G95Q1W2.jpg

Customers are very cognizant of the quality of Chaoya's products, and praise the company's strength and product R & D capability119120G959342A.jpg119120H00021E8.jpg119120H00000a7.jpg119120H001514F.jpg119120G9594T96.jpg

At 5:00 p.m., when the hall was about to close, Chaoya pharmaceutical exhibition hall was still full of customers queuing up to learn about the products:119120H00035C4.jpg


This exhibition not only reached cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, but also demonstrated the enterprise strength of super Asia medicine, bringing new opportunities for the next development of super Asia.

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