Warmly congratulate Chaoya pharmaceutical on participating in the "80th national drug fair"

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On December 4, 2018, the 80th national drug Fair opened in Guangzhou.

This conference brought together famous pharmaceutical enterprises and friends from all over the country! Nearly 200000 visitors come to visit and share the grand event!

Henan Chaoya Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., as an excellent medical equipment enterprise in Henan Province, participated in reed exhibition in Guangzhou for the first time. President Zhang attached great importance to the drug fair, and led more than 20 people to the south to attend the fair and guide them in person. The exhibition effect is remarkable and the achievements are satisfactory. During the whole exhibition period, there are a large number of manufacturers who come to participate in the exhibition and consult, and they are one of the most popular manufacturers in the exhibition area, especially the pain moxibustion paste and Acupoint Moxibustion with core technology, as well as the global monopoly product steam mask and warm gloves with seasonal characteristics, which attract the audience to stop frequently and keen manufacturers to order goods on site About, after the meeting, many manufacturers visited the company and witnessed the strength and style of the manufacturers.



Our booth is located in 11.2j20. The whole booth design is very festive. The design, structure, construction and display are coordinated and beautiful, and the whole environment is pleasant to see. 


Photo of exhibition staff

Exhibitors are full of praise for the company's products


Product experience


The exhibition is full of people and the scene is hot



Leaders of the company answer questions for customers personally

Henan Chaoya Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.:

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